#chemclub is a Twitter hashtag used to share and find interesting chemistry papers. The feed is included on the sidebar to the right. We've been featured on C&EN's Grand CENtral and Nature Chemistry's Blogroll (twice!).

What's the point of chemclub? Think of it as a crowd-sourced literature meeting. If you're looking for interesting reading, a paper to present in a journal club, or just want to plug your latest paper, this should be a useful resource.

You can contribute by sharing whatever you're reading, papers from literature meetings, or even your own work. This includes blog posts and the like. Just tweet it, including the hashtag #chemclub.

Pretty much anything goes: classic papers, weird results, or comedy gold are all welcome.

Papers are posted to Twitter frequently, and I post occasional round-ups on this blog highlighting the best papers posted to #chemclub. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join in!

Further, every month guest writers post #chemclub reviews: short, informal discussions of topics of interest. If you'd like to contribute to this project, get in touch.

Don't use Twitter? Leave links in the comments below, and I'll post them on your behalf.

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Pummerer Reaction
Fluorinated Drugs (by JessTheChemist)
C-H Activation (by Kat)
Cucurbiturils (by Chad Jones)

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